Anyone know how to SIM unlock an Audiovox PPC 4100?

I just got a phone call from Bob asking if I knew how to SIM unlock his Audiovox PPC 4100 Pocket PC Phone Edition. It’s an AT&T device, and Cingular wants to force him to buy a new Cingular phone, rather than helping him unlock it.

I did some quick searches, and didn’t find any good options (only one on eBay, and who knows if it will work). Does anyone know of a way to unlock one of these?


5 thoughts on “Anyone know how to SIM unlock an Audiovox PPC 4100?

  1. Anonymous says:

    There is a Canadian company that is offerring the unlock service for c$53.50 on ebay. They send you a .dll that will unlock your phone. This is the only service I have seen, and I have been researching this quite a bit lately.

    EBAY Item number: 5756318027


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