For Sale: 1GB Mini-SD cards. Interested, Scoble?

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A friend of mine over at the ArsTechnica Forums (kaitliac) has imported some 1 GB Mini-SD cards, suitable for use in the Audiovox SMT5600 Windows Mobile Smartphone, a.k.a. the Scoblephone. She’s selling them for $162.50, including insured shipping.

Up until now, the biggest capacity Mini-SD card you could (easily) get was 512 MB. Sandisk has announced a 1GB Mini-SD card, but it’s not readily available anywhere.

If you have a phone (like the Motorola MPX220 or Audiovox SMT5600) or other device that uses Mini-SD, and want a 1GB card, go check out kaitliac’s listing for these cards. I’ll vouch for the Agora forum at Ars, and the Ars community in general.

Robert, you interested in picking one of these up for your Scoblephone?


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