Google Mobile, Again

Google Mobile

There have been versions of Google formated for the small screen of PDAs before (, etc.), but it appears that Google has made efforts to make their web, image, and local searches more accessible for those using mobile phones with tiny screens and simple browsers.

In fact, Pocket Internet Explorer on my Axim x50v seems to be too advanced, because I get the same “explanation” page in PIE as I do on the desktop. However, you can get directly to the new mobile interface at

It looks nice, if you’ve got a very small screen (say, on a Windows Mobile Smartphone, which is only 176 pixels wide, or a Treo 600, which is 160 pixels wide), but if you’ve got a PDA with a QVGA, or even better, a VGA resolution screen (like my x50v), I find that the full version of Google’s searches (local, images, news, etc.) works much better.

Go here for more info on how to use this new feature to the fullest.