It’s One of Those Less Obvious Must-have Apps

I am sure we all have our list of applications that we can’t live without on our PDA’s. While contemplating a hard reset and fresh rebuild of my Dell today, I was reviewing my personal list. I have found that PocketDict by Cellosoft is a must-have on my device.

For me, one of the main purposes of my PDA is so that I can have the information I need with me all of the time. This mobile version of the unabridged Webster’s dictionary has come in handy on countless occasions for looking up a proper spelling or definition of a word…and best of all, it’s completely free!

So this poses a question: What unlikely must-have applications live on your PDA?


3 thoughts on “It’s One of Those Less Obvious Must-have Apps

  1. I’m not actually a Pocket PC user, but I do have my mobile device with one critical after-market application. I use a Symbian phone (it’s older than the current Smartphones but I can’t justify the cost of a new phone) and my must have application is my e-book reader. Even with the tiny cellphone screen I’ve read 20 novels on it, including stuff by Asimov and Piers Anthony. Can’t live without it

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