Kottke updates on the Technorati Blog Censorship (non) issue

Technorati and the evolving corporate conversation (

I mentioned in yesterday’s podcast that there seemed to be something up with Technorati possibly censoring/removing an employee’s blog post. We wondered what the real story was, and hoped it was just a misunderstanding, or overreaction on the part of a blogosphere that, sadly, has had things like this happen recently. Kottke give the skinny on what’s really going on:

“Update 3/9/05 @ 9:16 AM: Dave Sifry, CEO of Technorati, has a nice writeup of the situation from Technorati’s perspective. Not only are they not censoring their employees’ weblogs, they are sticking by an employee (and a relatively new one at that) who did something foolish when they could have just pulled the plug on him. I especially liked the point about the speed at which the situation was handled…people these days want instant results (it’s easy to see how weblogs tie into this), but things don’t always work that way. Note to self: slow down sometimes, will ya?”

Glad to hear there’s nothing nefarious going on over at Technorati. Thanks for the update, Jason.