Motorola RAZR for $189.99 After Rebates

Motorola RAZR V3 for $189.99 after $200 in rebates

I don’t normally post affiliate product links like this, but I noticed that has the slim metal sexy phone that is the Moto RAZR for only $189.99 after rebates (with activation). Ignore the price listed above, and click through to see the “after rebate” price.

The unsubsidized price of this phone is $600, and Cingular (the only carrier that has it) wants $500 for it WITH a contract. So this is a screaming deal.

It’s not a Smartphone, so no advanced PDA functionality for you, but it has Bluetooth, a camera, and does GPRS, so if you’ve been drooling about the RAZR, now’s your chance.

And all purchases made through the link above will net a small percentage to help out with my gadget buying sprees *ahem* operating costs.


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