My iPod is Naked

When I first got my 3G 40GB iPod several months ago, it was a precious gem that needed protection. I ordered an iSkin silicone “skin” for it, in which it has been housed since then.

Until yesterday.

I took it out of the skin last night, and it is amazing to me how much smaller and sleeker it feels now, and how much easier the wheel and buttons are to use now. The case wasn’t bulky by any means, only 2mm or so thick. But “Podzilla” feels much less bulky in my pocket now (where it stays when I’m listening), and I’ve regained the whole visual and tactile aspect of using the iPod. Smooth white plastic. Mirror finish metal backing. Ooh. Nice.

It shouldn’t take too much abuse in my pocket – scratches are inevitable – so I think I’m going to go naked for a while.


One thought on “My iPod is Naked

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have an iSkin protective skin and I laughed when I saw your post because I recently made my iPod ‘naked’. Even though the skin is thin, like you mentioned, it does make it feel ass-heavy and bulky.

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