New Multiplayer Maps for Halo 2 Coming

Major – New Maps for Halo 2

A total of nine new maps. They’re going to be released through both offline (DVD) and online (Live) distributions, and they won’t (all) be free (at first). Confused? Yeah, me too. Go read the and Bungie posts that Major Nelson links to for all the details on what will be available when, where, and for how much.

I’ll probably get the $20 retail DVD with all the maps and the extras, because I’m a sucker for Halo 2. Kind of sucks that they’re charging 40% of the price of the original game for some maps, but hey, this is Bungie and Halo 2 we’re talking about, so you know people are going to line up to get these.

You know what I’d really like, and be happy to pay $20 for? The rest of the single player game, and a real ending. *zing!*