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Orb has announced that, instead of charging a monthly fee for their service, as initially planned, they’ll be making their service available for free. But what is their service?

You know all of that media you have on your computer at home? Thousands of MP3s, recorded TV shows, home videos, podcasts, video blogs, and all of that other stuff. It’s captive on your home system, and you don’t have an easy way to access it from your PDA or Smartphone while you’re not home. Until now.

Orb runs on your home computer, and lets you stream all of your home media to any mobile device (cell phone, wireless laptop, etc.) with a browser and a media player.

So now you can watch that episode of The Simpsons that your Windows Media Center recorded last night from your smartphone on the train on the way to work.

Way cool. I was interested when I first heard of them, but the fee turned me off of it. I’ll definitely check it out now that it’s free, and report on how well I can access my media from my various wireless devices.


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  1. You mentioned MCE in your post — I wanted to make sure you know that we now support standard XP. You’ll need to add one of our supported tuner cards if you want to watch live TV, but streaming video, streaming audio, and photos all work without a tuner card. The PVR functionality is built into our software so you can do all of those media center things without a media center now… best, Ted Shelton (Orb)

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