Portland Podcasting Meetup Last Night Was Great!

Rachel and I had a great time last night at the second Portland Podcasting Meetup. We hung out with Jason and Anna of the Delta Park Project, Tim Germer of Northwest Noise, and lots of other cool people (if you were there last night, post a comment or email me with your contact info!). We had a great time, and there were lots of people interested in starting a podcast, or learning about different aspects of it.

I recorded some audio using my Dell Axim x50v and a Sony Lavalier mic, but I haven’t listened to it yet, so I don’t know how it turned out. Last time, I used the Griffin lapel mic, and it was just too sensitive (way too much clipping, ruined the recording). I’ll post some/all of it up later, after I have a chance to listen to it.

I also did quite a bit of video, which I’ll be posting up, as well. Look for lots of cool stuff along those lines, probably this weekend. You’ll feel like you were there! 🙂

EDIT: Here’s Tim’s write up of the evening’s events. He did a lot better about getting everyone’s name and info than I did. Thanks Tim! Video will be coming as soon as I get a change to pull it off of the camera!