Problems with my Dell

It all started out because I wanted to install a couple of applications to RAM. I found that no matter what I tried, applications would install to Built-In Storage instead. At one point, I even tried using a coworker’s PC and cradle to see if there was something strange going on with my installation of ActiveSync. I performed a hard reset and tried to install the software to RAM on his system, but the app ended up in Built-in Storage again! Completely frustrated, I decided to reinstall the ROM update to diagnose the situation.

After the 30 minutes (I can’t believe how slow that download was) it took to get the file from Dell, I found that you cannot reinstall the ROM update over itself. My frustration increased.

Then Josh had a crazy idea. He suggested that I uninstall the application from my PC and then reinstall straight from a fresh download from the developer. I was amazed that this solved my problem! I really did not expect that the Windows installer was determining what the default install directory was. Now I am finally able to install Pocket Informant and Wisbar Advance into main memory and everything else to the Built-in Storage. I’m satisfied now, but I can’t believe how much effort it took to get to this point! Sheesh!