RadioGoDaddy – a podcast?

It’s Radio Go Daddy. Yo, ho, ho! We’ve got a radio show.

Bob Parsons’ blog is an interesting view into He announced today that GoDaddy is starting a radio show, available on both Sirius and XM, and local radio stations. He says shows will be available at after they’re broadcast, but doesn’t make any mention of making them available as podcasts.

It would be very easy, Bob – just offer an RSS 2.0 feed with the MP3 files as enclosures. I’d subcribe, and listen. But I doubt that I’d go to the trouble to manually go and download a show to listen to. Podcasting has made it so easy to connect with people who want to listen to you.

The site’s not live yet (he’s planning on launching on March 30, and says the site will be up a few days before). Let’s hope that podcast support is there when it goes live!


One thought on “RadioGoDaddy – a podcast?

  1. Josh,

    Good News!

    Radio Go Daddy will be available via RSS 2.0 after the first show. The link to this will be located on the soon to be launched Web site.

    Kindest Regards,

    Nick Fuller
    Go Daddy Guy

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