Stupid PSP Bundle Policy

I’ve decided, belatedly, that I want a Sony PSP. Besides the games, the media capabilites are interesting to me (but nothing that my Dell Axim x50v can’t do better), plus some cool firmware update/hacking possibilites. Plus it seems popular among all the cool blogging kids.

So I’m shopping around online tonight, not expecting to find many places that have the PSP in stock. I wasn’t surprised to find that it’s completely sold out at a lot of places, but one thing I found really irritates me. Of all the places I checked (BestBuy, CompUSA, Amaazon,,, Gamestop,, and Costco, to name a few), not one of them is offering a PSP which isn’t part of a forced bundle.

Beyond the fact that Sony already forces a “value pack” bundle on you, including a proprietary Memory Stick Pro DUO card, soft case, SpiderMan 2 movie, etc., all of these retailers are forcing you to buy at least 2-3 games (of their choosing), and sometimes even stupid accessories, too.

The bundling wouldn’t bother me if I could find one that I wanted. I want base “value pack”, Lumines, and another game, probably Wipeout Pure or Ridge Racer. And I want the Logitech hard case. That’s it.

Do any of the forced bundles offer this combination, or at least part of it, without forcing me to buy games I don’t want? Heck, no. I just noticed how many times I’ve used the word “forced” in this post, and I think that’s pretty telling. Sony and the retailers are forcing me to buy their product the way they want me to, instead of the way I want to. I WANT to give them my money, for the system, and some games and accessories. But I’m not about to pay for a game or accessory that I don’t want.

I guess it’s asking too much for them to realize that people want to pay for their product they way they want to.

If anyone finds a bundle that meets my criteria, or better yet, an unbundled “value pack”, let me know.


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