T-Mobile Drops HP iPAQ 6300 Pocket PC Phone

Pocket PC Thoughts – T-Mobile Pulling iPAQ 6300 from Retail?

This has been around all of the gadget sites today, and I’ve got a friend here at work that has confirmed it. The iPAQ 6300 Pocket PC Phone Edition no longer appears on T-Mobile’s site, and according to my friend, T-Mobile support has said, over the phone, that not only are they not selling the device anymore, they’re not going to support it, either.

The purported root of the problem is a bevy of user complaints and problems, and lack of support from HP. This brings up an interesting question – as devices get more and more advanced, and more and more difficult to support, are wireless carriers like T-Mobile going to be able to support them? My experience with T-Mobile support is that they can barely support the “dumb” phones that they carry, let along the smartphones and PDA phones.

Carriers are going to have to make a significant investment in building and training their support infrastructure for these devices, right along side investments in next gen wireless services and network upgrades. What good is an advanced Pocket PC Phone Edition device, or a speedy 3G wireless network, when customers have nothing but problems, and the carrier can’t or won’t provide support?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    You raise an interesting question – what will happen when devices get too complex for the carriers and it isn’t worth it for them to train their support staff for the high-end phones.

    I can see outsourcing happening big-time here – let’s say HTC makes a Smartphone and T-Mobile doesn’t want to support it. Then when you call 611 and tell the CSR you have that Smartphone, he transfers you over to an HTC support person. Same thing happens with Cingular, Verizon etc. The HTC supportmonkeys have varying scripts based on whether a T-Mobile customer placed the call, or Verizon, etc.

    Providers in Europe sell a lot of Smartphones, so they have probably figured out the support part by now. (Charge exhorbitant fees for phone support? ;-))

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