TinyPodcast 2005-03-01

Here’s this week’s show – 41:59, just under 20 MB. You can download the MP3 file here or get is by subscribing to the TinyPodcast feed in your favorite podcast aggregator.

Here are the show notes for this week:

  • Special guest this week – Cory Wagner reviews his iRiver H320 20GB MP3 player.
  • MP3 wars heating up: Apple launches new iPod Mini versions. 4GB is now $199, 6GB for $249. Creative Zen Micro 4GB is only $179.
  • Josh subscribed to Make Magazine, mostly because he wants to build a Desktop Rail Gun.
  • Josh gives a Portland Podcasting Meetup report.
  • Josh and Brian are using SE_VGA on their Dell Axim x50v Pocket PCs to take advantage of the full VGA screen resolution. Four times the screen real estate is awesome!
  • Brian wants a mouse for his Pocket PC. Tell us why this is a good idea or not.
  • Options for listening to your MP3 player in your car (line in, cassette adapter, or FM transmitter), with their pros and cons. How to be a mobile pirate radio station.
  • Gmail “standard HTML” version – doesn’t work on Pocket PC or BlackBerry, so far.

Thanks for listening! We love to get feedback from you, so email us (Josh, Brian, Cory, or Paul) or call our feedback message line at 206-222-2479. Tell us your favorite part of the show, what you want to hear in the future, or any cool gadgets you’ve found!

Catch you next week…