TinyPodcast 2005-03-29

Here’s this week’s podcast. About 20 MB, and a little long at 45 minutes this week. Download the MP3 file directly, or subscribe to the TinyPodcast RSS feed in your favorite podcast aggregator (like Doppler or iPodder).

I’ll put some more detailed show notes up tomorrow, but frankly, right now, I’m beat. Today was a long day. Suffice it to say that we geeked out about the Treo 650, had a new guest (Tom), talked about, Orb is now free, and how we use our various devices day to day to be more productive.

Read on for this week’s show notes:

  • Tom talks to us about his Treo 650 (Cingular), how he uses it to stay connected to the office with GoodLink, and his new Dell Axim x50v. He’s got a Garmin GPS 10 Bluetooth GPS and map software on the way – look for impressions in the future.
  • Sorry for the IM and email “boing” alert sounds! I forgot to turn them off before we started recording.
  • Portland Podcasting Meetup last week was great! Get a sneak preview of the hour or so of video interviews that I shot over at my page on I’ll be posting the video here, to make it part of the TinyPodcast feed, but you can check it out before then, if you want. I’ve got some audio I’ll eventually post up, too.
  • Our thoughts on, why it’s great, and how it can improve
  •, which lets you stream your media (video, music, and photos) from your home computer to anywhere, including mobile devices, is now free. I’m going to try it out, and I’ll definitely report. Preliminary verdict: holy crap, this is cool!
  • Using online tax preparation service, I filed my taxes this year in less than an hour, without printing/touching a single piece of paper. We review the service. Verdict? Excellent. Now to decide what gadget to spend part of my refund on! 🙂
  • I have succumbed to the hype, and I’m shopping for a Sony PSP.
  • Geeking out is theraputic, and podcasting is good for your health!
  • Gadget profiles: how our gadgets help us be more (or less) productive.

As always, you can contact us by email at, or leave a voice message at 206-339-TINY. We love to get your feedback, even if it’s nothing more than to say Hi, and that you’re listening.

Thanks, and watch for the video from the Portland Podcasting Meetup soon!


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  1. By the way, we are also working on a whole podcast section of Orb — so that people can get their podcasts and use Orb to stream them to themselves whenever, wherever they are. Listen to podcasts on your cell phone! Let me know if you are interested and I’ll introduce you to the guy running this program for us. Best, Ted Shelton (

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