Treo 650 Review – OMG it has Phone Buttons!

MobileTracker – Treo 650 review

I was reading this review of the palmOne Treo 650, and this paragraph jumped out at me:

“Finally, there’s one hardware innovation on the Treo 650 that’s simply genious. They have a button with a green handset icon that launches the phone program and depending on context, dials the phone. Alternatively, they have a red phone icon on a button that hangs up the call. Brilliant!”

I really hope that the author is joking and/or being sarcastic, because this is a feature that has been on every single cell phone that I have ever seen or used!

Seriously, I know that the Treo 600 didn’t have these buttons, but that’s the only phone device I can think of that doesn’t. Does that warrant calling their addition “genious” (sic)?

What’s next? A Treo with NUMBERS you can actually DIAL?


One thought on “Treo 650 Review – OMG it has Phone Buttons!

  1. I debated whether or not to leave that part in the review–but I think the writer was being sarcastic. Also, he’s coming from a Palm background, not a phone background, so this is the first Palm with that feature.

    I just got done using the P910i and it doesn’t have those buttons… 🙂

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