Ponzi Gives Me the “Geekiest Geek” Award!

Ponzi’s Schemes :: Portland, Oregon

In her writeup of the Portland Geek Dinner last Friday night, Chris Pirillo’s fiancee Ponzi had the following to say about me:

The award for the geekiest geek goes to Josh Bancroft! He definitely came with the most toys and I don’t think I saw him once without something bluetooth connected.

I have to plead guilty. But I was so in my element! I love my gadgets, and I love evanglizing them to other people. Ponzi, that’s not the only thing I ever talk about, I promise, but when I get in a room full of geeks… At any rate, I’m honored to be named the “Geekiest Geek” at a meeting of many illustrious geeks.

Speaking of the dinner, I still have the video that I took that I want to post. I’m having problems with Windows Movie Maker, though. I’ve got the video all edited/organized the way I want it, with titles and everything, but when I try to export the movie file (so it’s a more reasonable size than 2.6 GB), I get warned that the source files can’t be accessed. I’ve fiddled with it, but I think I’m going to have to re-import the video and start the editing from scratch.

Anyone know of a way around this problem?

At any rate, go read Ponzi’s post for a great recap of the evening and its attendees. Thanks for the write up, Ponzi!


Headed out to the Portland Podcast meetup. Standing outside on Wifi. Waiting for a ride from Jason. Had to reboot the computer inside remotely because it wasn’t connected to Orb.

Isn’t technology grand?


Run PalmOS Apps on the Pocket PC

StyleTap™ Platform for Windows Mobile™ Devices Runs Same Apps as Palm OS? Platform

Ever wanted to run a PalmOS app on your Pocket PC? Have a friend that uses PalmOS and who is constantly lording some cool app or game, or the simplicity of his preferred OS over you? Now, you can get the last laugh.

Interesting idea, I’ll have to try it out. I’ll let you know what I find.

Honestly, though, it’s been so long since I’ve been a Palm user that I can’t think of what apps I’d want to run. Know of a cool one? Post it in the comments, and I’ll check it out.


TinyPodcast 2005-04-26

I’m a day late in posting this week’s podcast. Brian and I recorded it yesterday, but I’ve been too busy to get a post up. So this is going to be a quick post, just to get it out there, and I’ll come back later and post up some more detailed show notes.

This week’s show weighs in at about 40 minutes, 20 MB, as usual. You can download the MP3 file directly (right-click, save as), or subscribe to the TinyPodcast RSS feed in your favorite podcast aggregator.

This week, Brian gives us a demo of some cool advanced features that he discovered in Microsoft’s OneNote application, we have a look at the new street-level signal strength map from T-Mobile, discuss my rationale in choosing the Sony PSP over the Nintendo DS, talk about the Portland Geek Dinner I attended last Friday night with Chris Pirillo and Ponzi, and all the usual exciting geeky stuff that we always talk about.

The Video Edition conpanion to this week’s podcast will be posted as soon as it gets processed through, and becomes available for download (fingers crossed).

You can send us feedback at, call our voice feedback line at 206-339-TINY, or post a comment here. Let us know what we’re doing well, what you’d like to see us do differently, or just drop a note to say Hi.

Thanks for listening!


Photos of the Upcoming IBM X41 Tablet PC *drool*

jkOnTheRun: FCC pics of the IBM Thinkpad Tablet PC

The rumors of an IBM Thinkpad Tablet PC have been swirling for a while now, but it seems that the good old FCC has once again let the cat out of the bag early with some photos.

Go check out the photos at jk’s site. Go on, I’ll wait.

Wow. *swoon* Looks wonderful.

No idea on the specs. The X40 laptop is a very desireable, tiny system. An X41 successor in Tablet PC guise is very definitely drool-worthy. I’ll have to wait on specs to see how it compares to my current favorite Tablet contender, the Toshiba M200.


Anyone Having Problems With the Last TinyPodcast Video Edition File?

Just got off a Skype call with James Kendrick over at jkontherun, and he was having problems with the downloaded file for the last TinyPodcast Video Edition (2005-04-22). Basically, Explorer would crash every time he touched (right or left click) the WMV file.

Has anyone else had any problems with this? I’m trying to find out what the deal is. The WMV file is straight out of Windows Movie Maker, uploaded to via FTP. I’m not sure if they put some kind of Creative Commons license wrapper around the file, or it got corrupted during transfer.

At any rate, please let me know if you have problems with this (or any other) TinyPodcast file.


Portland Geek Dinner with Chris Prillio was Awesome

Had a great time Friday night at the Portland Geek Dinner with Chris Pirillo, Ponzi, Greg Hughes, Alex Williams, Geoff Kleinman, and lots of other people whose names I forget.

It only took a few minutes for me to get all of my gadgets out to show off the cool stuff I can do with them. This is most of my standard loadout. Can you name them all? :-)

After dinner at Blue Moon, we went for dessert. Papa Haydn’s was too busy, so we went to the gelato place up the street (NW 23rd). You can check out the rest of the photos I took over at Flickr.

I’ve got about 15 minutes of video that I’m going to try to get up soon. Stay tuned.

Thanks to Chris and Alex for putting the dinner together, and everyone else who came to geek out! Can’t wait for the next one!


TinyPodcast Video Edition 2005-04-22

Program Details for TinyPodcast Video Edition 2005-04-22

Here’s the Video Edition/companion to today’s podcast.

Check out my review of the Logitech PlayGear Pocket hard case for the Sony PSP (verdict: solid but heavy, best PSP case so far), and demo/review of the Orb media streaming service, which lets you access all of your media on your home computer from any device with a browser and a media player.

The video is 17 minutes long, and weighs in at about 62MB (Windows Media Video, 320×240, 30fps). You can visit the page for the video by following the link above, or download the video directly (right-click, save as).

Let me know what you think of the video – all feedback, positive or negative is welcome. Let me know what you like, as well as what I can do better.



TinyPodcast 2005-04-22

Here’s this week’s TinyPodcast. Sorry we’re a few days late – real life sometimes intrudes, and keeps us away from the cool geeky stuff we love. The show is, as usual, about 40 minutes, and about 19 MB. You can download the MP3 file directly (right-click, save as, play in your favorite media player), or subscribe to the TinyPodcast feed in your favorite podcast aggregator.

For the second week, we did simultaneous video and audio recording. I’m processing the video now, and should have it up soon. I will make it available through the TinyPodcast feed, as well as a regular download. Hope you enjoy it.

This week, Brian and I talk about what’s new and cool in the world of gadgets, do a review of a new case I got for my PSP (Logitech Play Gear Pocket), review the Orb media streaming service (access media on your home computer from any device with a browser and a media player), and all the regular geeky chat. I’ll do some more detailed show notes once I get a chance to listen through the show. Right now, I’m cramming to finish some work, before I head out to the geek dinner tonight (hope to see you there!).

Of course, we (heart) feedback, so email us at, or call and leave us a message at 206-339-TINY. Let us know what you like or don’t like about the show, tell us about your favorite gadget, ask a question, or sing us a song.

Thanks for listening!