Bloglines Adds Podcasting Support

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Not sure if this is just explaining/clarifying the “enclosure” link that appears when a feed item has an RSS 2.0 enclosure (like a podcast MP3), but it’s two of my favorite things, podcasts and Bloglines, so here I am posting about it:

Once you subscribe to a podcast feed in Bloglines, it will be added to your personal My Feeds list. When a new podcast is available, you’ll see the alert next to that feed. Each podcast update has a text note accompanied by an “enclosure” icon that links to the audio podcast file. Simply click on that enclosure link to start the podcast. That will launch your desktop media player or specialized podcasting software like, and the podcast of your choice will play right from Bloglines.

Plus you can save podcasts to your Clippings folder, or post them to your Clip Blog to share with others.

Experienced podcast listeners like to use Bloglines to monitor for updates and get notification when new podcasts are available, so they never miss episodes of their favorites.

I’ll definitely have to play around with this some more. I’ll let you know what I find.

I already use Doppler’s “sync with Bloglines” feature to manage my subscribed podcasts – I can subscribe to a new podcast from anywhere (mobile, etc.) simply by subscribing in Bloglines, and adding it to the “My Podcasts” folder I created, which is configured to sync with Doppler on my computer at home. This new “My Feeds” functionality might be a better way to do that.