Dell Axim x50v with Extra Battery for USD$405

Axim Deal of the Week: X50v with Extra Battery for $405USD

Via PocketPCThoughts, the latest great deal on what I think is the best PDA on the market today. You’ve heard me rave about the gorgeous VGA screen, and the rest of the specs don’t disappoint, either (624MHz CPU, 64MB RAM, 90+MB File Store, WiFi, Bluetooth, SD, and CF).

I know several of you that are looking for a good deal on one of these, so check this out if that’s the case. It expires tonight (Wed. 4/20), so don’t wait long.

I know of more than a half dozen people who have bought the x50v after hearing me evanglize mine, and seeing the eye-popping screen. Want to be the next one to do so? 😉


One thought on “Dell Axim x50v with Extra Battery for USD$405

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just ordered an X50v with the gaming package for $337.

    The discounts were:
    1. 30% off up front.
    2. 10% off $299 for Dell Preferred account purchases.
    3. $30 off catalog coupon code.

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