Dell LCD Monitors – Cheaper Than I’ve Ever Seen Them

Fatwallet Forums – Dell UltraSharp LCD 1905FP $248, 2001FP $379.67, 2005FPW $384,

OK, so these aren’t “tiny” screens, they’re really big screens, but I wanted to share this. There are a couple of stackable coupons that let you get select Dell LCD Flat Panel monitors for cheaper than I’ve ever seen them:

19″ 1905FP for $259 shipped (needs $1 filler to qualify)
20″ 2001FP for $422 shipped
20″ Widescreen 2005FPW for $384 shipped

Check out the post linked above for the coupon codes and discounts. No hoops to jump through – just pick one of those three monitors (and something at least $1 for the 19″), apply the coupon codes, and checkout. Coupons expire 5:59 AM CDT on 4/27, so you’ve got a few days.

Thanks to Ed for the heads up. I know a few of you have been looking for a good deal on an LCD, so don’t miss out on this one.

Good luck!


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