eReader eBook Reader Now Supports VGA

jkOnTheRun: New eReader version for Pocket PC- VGA!

eReader is my preferred ebook reader on my Pocket PC. Much lighter and faster than Microsoft Reader, and eReader (formerly Palm Digital Media, formerly Peanut Press) has a great selection of affordable ebooks, and reasonable DRM (you enter your credit card number to unlock the book).

I’ve downloaded the new version, to check out the VGA support, and I’ll report back any interesting findings. I’m especially interested to see how well it plays with the forced “true VGA” mode (via SE_VGA) that I’m running in.


3 thoughts on “eReader eBook Reader Now Supports VGA

  1. Thanks, jk. I’m honored. Your podcasts are great, too.

    I tried it out in SE_VGA mode tonight briefly, and it does, in fact, work. Previously, I had the font size set to the lowest (7 pts), and the text was comparable to 12-14 point text in other VGA-aware apps.

    The new version, though, renders the 7 pt font in its true size, which is to say eye-poppingly small. 🙂

    I’m going to have to crank the font size up now, to find one that doesn’t kill the old peepers.

    I’ll post updated impressions and some screenshots tomorrow.

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