Google Maps + Keyhole Satellite Photos = WOW

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I guessed this was coming, but Google has added the ability to view (and pan and scroll) incredibly detailed satellite and aerial photos from the recently acquired Keyhole to their fantastic Google Maps.

This rocks.

You can do everything you could do before with Google Maps, but now there’s a “Satellite” link up in the corner that switches you to the photo view. Awesome. You can still do searches for points of interest, get driving directions, etc. But you do it with a birds’ eye view. Especially nice if you live/search in an area covered by Keyhole’s hi res color photos.

It’s late, and I’m off to bed, but I had to post about this when I saw it. I’ve got a lot more stuff that I want to talk about, but I was offline most of the weekend (playing Lumiines on my PSP and visiting the in laws) and Monday (rebuilding my work laptop after a crash). Lots of cool stuff to come this week!


4 thoughts on “Google Maps + Keyhole Satellite Photos = WOW

  1. Dude, i hear ya. I’ve been on it ALL night, heheh. I was checking out my home town and started at my mothers house. Then dragged over to my buddy’s house, then dragged donw the street to my old high school, and just really dragged all around my town. It was really cracking me up. Now if only google could let use do quick snapshots i wouldn’t have to do it myself ->

  2. Dude, Josh.. They have done it again.
    As you know I am a 4×4 nut and for kicks I wanted to see if they had any of the logging roads in TSF “Tillamook State Forest”. Wouldn’t you know it, they did. Not only the major ones but even lyda road which isn’t much of a road. This is pretty cool.
    🙂 shameless plug follows –> My 4×4 site 🙂

  3. Jackie says:

    I heard the pics are no more than 3 years old–I know in my area they are no more than 1.5 months old at this point, as the car I just bought in that time frame is shown parked in my driveway!

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