iPAQ AC Adapter Works with Sony PSP

With all of my gadgets, I have a proliferation of AC adapters and chargers. You should see the floor next to my nightstand – I need a power strip just to plug everything in. And whenever I travel, I have to take it with me.

So I was pleased to notice that the extra AC adapter I have for my old HP iPAQs is the same plug type and output rating (5V, 2000mA) as the AC adapter for my new Sony PSP. I just tried it, and sure enough, it fits perfectly, and charges the battery. One less adapter to carry when I travel, now.

Actually, that adapter will work with and power several of my gadgets, now. I use it to charge my Dell Axim x50v Pocket PC, too. The plug is compatible, and while the original Dell adapter has a little higher output (5.4V, 2400mA), the iPAQ adapter fits and charges my x50v just fine. I’m not going to try using the more powerful Dell adapter on the PSP yet, though. Too afraid to break my new toy.

So now, when we travel, I can take one adapter to power my x50v, my PSP, and my wife’s iPAQ 3650. Nice!

Disclaimer – you’re probably violating your warranty and taking your life in to your own hands or something if you use anything but the OEM adapter to charge any of your devices. I’m not responsible for any electrical fires, melted plastic, or fried gadgets that result from playing AC adapter mix and match. You’ve been warned.


8 thoughts on “iPAQ AC Adapter Works with Sony PSP

  1. I made a similar discovery when I took home my PSP after leaving its AC adapter at work. I got to Sunday on battery power alone, but I knew that I was going to run outta juice sooner or later. I looked down at my desk and the AC adapter for my Toshiba e800 and thought to myself, “Hmmm, looks about right….” A quick check on the power specs confirmed that my Tosh and PSP have the same requirements, so I plugged it in. The charging light came on and within a hour, I was busy playing Wipeout Pure again.

  2. I use USB charging cables and the APC Travel Power system. It works really well charging a laptop and two devices. If you want a portable charging solution, I would recommend a small, powered USB Hub with a set of retractable charging cables specific to your devices.

    Some issues to watch out for: 1) charging may take longer than with the default AC adapter; 2) some modern devices require more current than a USB Hub can supply(most devices, though, can still be charged through USB).

  3. The PSP doesn’t seem to be able to charge over USB (I’ve got it plugged in via USB right now, and it’s not charging). Too bad, though, because that would reduce the number of chargers I have to lug around even further.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know if the PSP’s usb port can give out power? I want it to power some accessories that I want to develop

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