Ponzi Gives Me the “Geekiest Geek” Award!

Ponzi’s Schemes :: Portland, Oregon

In her writeup of the Portland Geek Dinner last Friday night, Chris Pirillo’s fiancee Ponzi had the following to say about me:

The award for the geekiest geek goes to Josh Bancroft! He definitely came with the most toys and I don’t think I saw him once without something bluetooth connected.

I have to plead guilty. But I was so in my element! I love my gadgets, and I love evanglizing them to other people. Ponzi, that’s not the only thing I ever talk about, I promise, but when I get in a room full of geeks… At any rate, I’m honored to be named the “Geekiest Geek” at a meeting of many illustrious geeks.

Speaking of the dinner, I still have the video that I took that I want to post. I’m having problems with Windows Movie Maker, though. I’ve got the video all edited/organized the way I want it, with titles and everything, but when I try to export the movie file (so it’s a more reasonable size than 2.6 GB), I get warned that the source files can’t be accessed. I’ve fiddled with it, but I think I’m going to have to re-import the video and start the editing from scratch.

Anyone know of a way around this problem?

At any rate, go read Ponzi’s post for a great recap of the evening and its attendees. Thanks for the write up, Ponzi!


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