TinyPodcast 2005-04-12 Video Edition

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Sorry this took a couple of days. is having some issues – my file seems to have uploaded to, but isn’t showing up on So the link above is to the page for the video.

We review the Sony PSP, using a round Altoids tin to store UMDs, a quite detailed review of the new game Archer Maclean’s Mercury, have a look at Lumines, and some shots my Sony MDR-EX71 earphones with the wire insulation falling off.

The video is about 68 MB, and 16 minutes long or so, in Windows Media 9 format. You can download the file directly here (right-click, save as).

Have a look, and please let us know what you think about including video content. I’ve got lots of ideas for cool things to include in the future, so let me know if this is interesting to you, you hate it, etc.



4 thoughts on “TinyPodcast 2005-04-12 Video Edition

  1. I’m happy to make the files available in Quicktime, if I knew of a free and easy way to encode the video off of my camera to that format.

    Right now, I’m using Windows Movie Maker, which is free, and does a decent job. Windows Media Player is available on all platforms that I know of (Linux, Mac, and of course Windows), including Windows Mobile devices.

    Any particular reason why Quicktime is better than Windows Media, besides personal preference? Not trying to flame, just wondering what info there is to back up your statement of “by far the best cross platform video format”.

  2. Yah, i know you’re not flaming.

    If you get a chance, try windows media player on Os X. Its a joke, they don’t even support the MILLIONS of different formats of WMV. And when it does play, its horrible. Its all pixelated and looks like garbage, when its not dropping frames. I’ll send you a shot of it. MS should be embarrased of it.

    As for a free way to encode, i get that. I’m not sure besides quicktime pro, or some other non free way. But i can tell you that its worth the 30 dollars, i think it will be 20 when quicktime 7 hits. And the formats you can use are vast, from 3gp for cell phones all the way up to hd. All in all, quicktime is only the major format that i’ve seen that looks equivelent across all platforms. and it looks great.

    PS: there is no windows media player on Linux. Linux users have to use mPlayer or VLC or whatever else, and none of them support the newer WMV codecs, including your video.

  3. Have to say wmv sucks big time on anything other than windows. I am on a Mac and have checked out the video but like jon said it’s real bad quality, pixelated & dropping frames 🙁

    Try encoding using Divx (do a search on google) it’s truly cross platform & many people claim it’s compression is better than wmzzzzzz :p

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