TinyPodcast 2005-04-22

Here’s this week’s TinyPodcast. Sorry we’re a few days late – real life sometimes intrudes, and keeps us away from the cool geeky stuff we love. The show is, as usual, about 40 minutes, and about 19 MB. You can download the MP3 file directly (right-click, save as, play in your favorite media player), or subscribe to the TinyPodcast feed in your favorite podcast aggregator.

For the second week, we did simultaneous video and audio recording. I’m processing the video now, and should have it up soon. I will make it available through the TinyPodcast feed, as well as a regular download. Hope you enjoy it.

This week, Brian and I talk about what’s new and cool in the world of gadgets, do a review of a new case I got for my PSP (Logitech Play Gear Pocket), review the Orb media streaming service (access media on your home computer from any device with a browser and a media player), and all the regular geeky chat. I’ll do some more detailed show notes once I get a chance to listen through the show. Right now, I’m cramming to finish some work, before I head out to the geek dinner tonight (hope to see you there!).

Of course, we (heart) feedback, so email us at, or call and leave us a message at 206-339-TINY. Let us know what you like or don’t like about the show, tell us about your favorite gadget, ask a question, or sing us a song.

Thanks for listening!