Weekend Gadget Usage Profile

Had a busy weekend, lots of family functions, but being me, of course I managed to use lots of gadgets.

We had a 1 year birthday party for my niece Lauren. It was going to be at the Oregon Zoo, but after checking the forecast info and Doppler radar images on WeatherPanel on my x50v and getting live updates via Accuweather’s web page on my BlackBerry, I was convinced that it was going to rain all day. Based on that info, we went to the Children’s Museum across the parking lot instead. Of course, it later stopped raining, so even though I had access to almost-live weather radar images, I can’t predict the weather any better than the guys on the news. Oh well.

I took my Sony DCR-HC40 Mini DV camcorder, and took lots of video of all the cousins while we were at the Children’s Museum. I’ll post that up as soon as I get a chance to pull it off of the camera. I’ll try to make it fancy and interesting – I’m looking forward to trying out some of the features of Windows Movie Maker that I haven’t used so far for TinyPodcast Video Edition.

Later that afternoon, we threw a 40th birthday party for my wife’s brother. Again, I took lots of video, and I’ll post it up later. My wife Rachel was in charge of a lot of the decorations, and had asked for my help, so I exercised some willpower, and left my PSP in my gear bag, so as not to get sucked into a game of Lumines, and ignore any requests to help set things up. We were pretty tired after we got home, but I did manage to get a couple hours of Mercury and Lumines in.

On Sunday we went to church in the morning, as usual, and I have all of my church books and material on my Dell Axim x50v, so it got the usual amount of usage. After we got home, between afternoon naps, I snuck in some more PSP time. I should have done some feed reading (I’m pretty behind) or worked on processing the video I took on Saturday, but it was a nice relaxing rainy afternoon, and I never got up the energy to do it.

So even though it was a non-geeky weekend by most definitions, I still managed to get lots of gadget usage in. It’s in my blood – I just can’t help myself!