What resolution/file type do you prefer for TinyPodcast Video Edition?

I’ve been publishing TinyPodcast Video Edition in more or less the default Windows Movie Maker settings – 320×240 resolution, 512Kbps, 30fps, Windows Media 9 Video format. This seems to be a good balance of quality and file size (about 3 MB per minute of video). But I’ve gotten feedback that Windows Media Video doesn’t look so great on the Mac and Linux. And I wouldn’t mind making the video resolution a little bigger to get a better picture (hey, storage and bandwidth are free, thanks to and, not to mention Google getting into the video hosting game, even though you can’t download from them yet).

Some have suggested Quicktime Pro as a better cross platform codec. It’s only $29, but Quicktime 7 is coming next week, with the launch of OS X Tiger (assuming the Windows version of Quicktime 7 Pro comes out at the same time), so I don’t want to be instantly obsolete. And I can’t seem to find any documentation or review of exactly what Quicktime Pro can and can’t do as far as video importing, editing, etc. Not even screenshots can be found on the Apple website. So I’m on the fence about Quicktime. Are any of you having quality issues with Windows Media Video on a non-Microsoft OS?

Assuming that I stick with Windows Media Video for now, what would you think about having larger resolution (say, 640×480), and/or a lower framerate (15 fps instead of 30)? RocketBoom, one of my favorite video blogs, only uses 15 fps, and looks pretty good doing it. I doubt there will ever be any intense action sequences on TinyPodcast Video Edition, so I think we could get away with a lower frame rate. And maybe that would offset the file size if I bump the resolution up at the same time.

I’m going to play around with a couple of different encoding settings, and see how things turn out. But I’d like to hear from you, since ultimately, you’re the ones that are downloading and watching the videos.

Just post a comment or email me with your feedback.

Thanks! 🙂


2 thoughts on “What resolution/file type do you prefer for TinyPodcast Video Edition?

  1. ok, this is settled. Use Xvid. Its multiplatform, looks wonderful and is free.

    encoding at 512×384 @ 800kbps would yeild a nice looking small sized video. I think this would be great, and would look nice on my Xbmc.

    Whats that you say? Xvid doesn’t come default on any platforms, and the user either has to install the codec or an application to get it? Look at your audience 😉 they’ll already have it, or can at least get the software needed.

    All you need is VLC on every platform and you’ll be good to go, its free and a great video player. Honestly, no one should really be using windows media player anymore, its an attrocious disaster of UI, and overly bloated to play one video file.

    Check out VLC here:

    Good luck, hope the next edition is soon.

  2. I’m open to making videos available in xvid/divx, or any other codec, but there have to be good free or reasonably priced tools to create the video, from my Mini DV camcorder.

    Are there any good editing/authoring apps that support xvid?

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