Adam Curry Forks Off of Podcasting

The Doc Searls Weblog : Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Doc Searls did a great job of summing up what I’ve been thinking about Adam Curry’s recent announcements about his business plans for and podcasting in general.

First, Adam is definitely a radio guy. You can’t listen to the Daily Source Code and not notice that. So taking his show to Sirius satellite radio is a natural step. But it’s not podcasting. It’s broadcasting. Sure, it’s taking new voice into the world of radio, like PW Fenton, Steve Gillmor, and I’m sure that Dawn and Drew will get in on it somewhere. I hope that they continue to make their stuff available via podcast, because I’m not about to pay for satellite radio, which is both less varied than podcasting, and doesn’t give me the ability to listen exactly when I want.

Podcasting is listening to what I want, when I want. On my terms. Radio, satellite or otherwise, doesn’t let me do that.

As a podcast creator, I’m fine with people going the radio route. If they want to turn their podcast into their job, good for them. For me, this blog, and my podcast (in both video and audio incarnations) have never been about gaining fame, recognition, or income. I do this because I really love it. I’m a geek at heart, and an evangelist. My payoff for blogging and podcasting? Showing something cool and useful to someone, and helping them have that “A-ha!” moment when the lightbulb comes on, and the “get” what I’m raving about, be it Cluetrain or the latest gadget.

So, it seems that Adam Curry has forked off from podcasting, and is blazing his own radio/podcasting hybrid trail. It will definitely be interesting to watch. But I think I’m on the other fork in the road – the one that see podcasting as yet another medium for the conversation. To me, it’s all about building relationships and listening to people’s voices.


2 thoughts on “Adam Curry Forks Off of Podcasting

  1. Whoa whoa whoa. Get off your soapbox and smell the senseo. The sirius deal is simply PR for podcasting. NO one is going to be making a show for sirius. Adam is going to be featuring select podcasts on the 4 hour block. This is nothing more than promotion for a medium.

    When the cinema began running trailers for movies on tv, was that forking the film industry?

    None of the content on sirius is going to be a single bit original. Its going to all be repeats of podcasts found online and in our feeds 🙂

    “Like what you heard? Get it online every day automatically” < - this is what the sirius deal is about.

    And c’mon, 8 months after the WORD podcast is invented, sirius satellite radio is featuring these things on a daily basis, this is big news and huge nod from the big guys. You should be happy.

    Keep doing your thing and maybe you’ll get thrown into that rotation, then what? More listners.. then what? More people to school on tech. And your payoff comes flooding in.

    We know why you’re doing it. But who can argue with a larger audience. Thats what this is about. Its not about new content on sirius, thats not gonna happen. No ones gonna stop podcasting. Podcasters are the punk rockers of content. They do it because, well simply… they can. Dawn & Drew will be the same, Goehagen will still be talking movies, and Adam will still be geeking out with audio hardware and software. I dont think there is anything to be afraid of. No one wants to go there, they just want to see everyone else’s favorite format/medium have a little bit more acceptance.

    This stuff is amazing. Every week brings a new development in the podcast world. Its tons of fun to watch it grow, and this week brought a huge growth. Podcasting just got legs, we’re just gonna have to see where it decides to walk. And i have faith its goint in the right direction.

    But in the end, adam coudl take it anywhere he wants, but that doesn’t mean its going to follow him. Thats whats so great about it, you guys control it. You can do whatever you want. The cats been let out of the bag and its BLOWN up. The methods used for podcasting are so simple and open that no one person can shut it down.

    Have faith my friend. This is a good thing. Everyone is going to benefit, and they’re all doing it for everyone else, not themselves.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Let me see if I have got this right.

    Mr. Curry is being paid to put together a show that features selected bits of his favourite podcasts? So will the producers of these podcasts get any money? And apart from kissing butt, how does a podcast get on the ‘rotation’?

    Will any artists featured on these random snippets get paid anything? Will they be asked if they mind lining Mr. Curry’s pockets?

    ‘Huge nod from the big guys’? We should be happy…yeah thats why radio sucks so badly…..cos of these ‘big nods’!

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