All is well now on the new Treo 650

I spent most of Friday evening on the phone with T-Mobile tech support, trying to figure out why I couldn’t receive incoming calls. If I took my SIM card out, and put it in another phone, that phone received incoming calls. If I took my wife’s SIM, and put it in the Treo, it received calls just fine. It was only my SIM in the Treo that had problems. When anyone called my number, it got the funny “out of range” ring, and eventually went to voicemail.

T-Mobile support was next to useless. Their suggestions? Hard reset the device. When that didn’t work? Re-install the ROM. After that? Must be the hardware. Take it back and get it replaced. It couldn’t be that there was something screwed up in their location registers so that incoming calls couldn’t find their way to my phone… *rolleyes*

At any rate, I was pretty bummed when I went to bed Friday night. I left the phone/radio portion of the Treo off all night, and the morning, I gave it one last shot. I swapped SIMs again with my wife’s phone, and then swapped back, and lo and behold, it worked!

So now, all calls, Bluetooth headset and hotsync, GPRS email, web, and IM are working, and I’m a happy camper. No thanks to T-Mobile support, but at this point, I’ll take what I can get.


One thought on “All is well now on the new Treo 650

  1. Hi!

    how did you set up your treo 650 to work with tmobile?

    where’d ya buy it and at what price?

    is there ANY talk of a new treo that compares to the 650 that Tmobile will carry?


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