Blogger Mobile Aimed at SMS/MMS, not Mobile Email Google Launches Blogger Mobile

Thanks to Aaron, Kevin C. Tofel (of Commute-Cast fame), and Eric for helping me understand Blogger Mobile’s true target market.

Mobile gadget geeks like me, that can send regular email from anywhere, might make assumptions that you can post to Blogger Mobile via email. You can’t. SMS text message and MMS for photos only. If you can send mobile email, you can just use the existing mail-to-Blogger feature which has been around forever (Eric, I haven’t been able to get the photo attachment feature to work, though).

So what’s cool about Blogger Mobile? It will create a blog for you and post to it the first time you send it a message from your phone. Nifty. Not so useful for someone who has one (or more) blog already, but nifty nonetheless.

Personally, I’m going to start using Flickr’s email upload and blog posting features more. I’m moving towards centralizing all of my photos on Flickr, instead of keeping them on my own hosting, partly to spare my bandwidth, and mostly to be able to play with all of the cool Flickr features (tagging, feeds, the social aspects, etc.). I can send a photo to a personalized Flickr address, and it will upload the photo to Flickr, and post it to whatever blog I’ve configured it to use. Neat.

Thanks again to the Google/Blogger guys for the responses!


2 thoughts on “Blogger Mobile Aimed at SMS/MMS, not Mobile Email

  1. I use verizon with my Treo and have found through Snappermail I can attach a photo (taken from my treo) and post. If you go to my blog you’ll see an ugly photo and a post mentioning this. No need for MMS so no extra charges if you don’t have that added.

    Good post.

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