Checking out the Toshiba R15 Tablet PC

This weekend I had a total geek withdrawal and I had to go down to my local CompUSA just to restore basic life functions. While walking through the store regaining my breath and letting my racing heartbeat slow down, I saw the Toshiba R15 Tablet PC that I have been drooling over for months. I had to go and check it out, but I saw something that really concerned me.

As I typed on the unit in “notebook” mode, I noticed that the screen wobbled all over the place. I was typing as I always do (which could be more gentle, but I’ve never knocked any keys of a keyboard or anything), and was quite surprised that the screen was shaking back and forth on the swivel. The movement was so much that it would have totally dissuaded me from purchasing one. To be fair, I don’t know what was causing the problem.

You know how they have systems locked down at these types of stores. The anti-theft systems make it so that you can barely get a feel for what the computer is really like. It seemed like maybe the base wasn’t flat and that the system rocked back and forth some anyway, but I couldn’t tell. It was 2 minutes before the store closed and I had no intention of buying one that night, so I didn’t ask the employee there anything about it. I thought I would post a message here though and see if anyone can confirm or refute my observation. I’m hoping someone can tell me that theirs is fine so I can continue to obsess about this Tablet PC…anyone?


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  1. Josh, I can’t speak to the model you looked at but I do have the Toshiba Portege M205 Tablet. I don’t have any issues with the screen shaking when in notebook mode (which is so 1990’s! 🙂 )

    Seriously, before you shell out the money, I’d ask the CompUSA folks to take the Tab out of it’s anti-theft straight jacket. You will embrace the Tablet IF and ONLY IF, it’s the right Tablet for you.


  2. Brian, I’m SO sorry! I didn’t realize that was your post! Either way, the tab is worth a look. Motion just announced a new Tab just over 3 pounds yesterday that’s worth a look too!


  3. Anonymous says:

    I just went to CompUsa to look at the R15 too. I noticed the exact same thing, so it’s not just you. However, I shook other notebooks around too and noticed similar wobble. Maybe it’s the way in which they’re handled. Maybe it’s because people move the screens back and forth against the security bars, which pulls the hinges in ways they weren’t designed to guard against. Not sure.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just purchased an R15 and am very happy with it. The hinge is slightly wobbly if you’re using it in your lap in notebook mode, but I haven’t noticed it much on a table. The real beauty of this unit is in the tablet mode. I never thought I’d use it much, therefore had little interest in them when they first came out. The tablet interface is a lot more intuitive than I expected, though, and I use it in tablet mode most of the time. I run graphics programs a lot and find it useful for that. I also find it handy for taking notes during meetings and phone calls, then converting to documents. Only negatives so far are that it runs a little hot, CD drive tends to pop out when using it in portrait mode and resting it in my lap I switched the screen orientation to landscape which fits my needs better anyway and this isn’t a problem now), and it’s on the heavy side. Otherwise, highly recommend it so far.

  5. Just purchsed a R25 and am satisfied with it so fsr. Only resl negative to me was the optical drive while using the tablet mode. The drive kept popping out from accidental pressings of the drive button until I discovered the task bar item to turn off the optical drive which disables the drive button.
    Now my only complaint is the drive automatically powers back on after a reset. The tablet mode seems very intuitive and I just wish Apple would make a tablet notebook.

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