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Google Blog: They are among us

I saw a post mentioning that Google has moved their official blog over to and Blogspot (which only makes sense). I, of course, headed over to check it out, and this was the post I first saw.

Blogger has launched Blogger Mobile. Just send mail to You can also visit their site at

The first thing I did was try a test from my new Treo 650. I’ve got it set up to access my GMail account via POP, so I sent a test post. This is what I got in reply:

Blogger post failed

Your mobile provider ( is not yet supported.

Error code: 2.14FCBA3

Hmm. They don’t support GMail. Strange.

Next, I fired off another test message as an SMS, through my provider, T-Mobile. They have an SMS-to-email gateway. No response back on that one yet. They’re supposed to send a “Claim Code” in response to emails, so you can log in and customize more settings (presumably things like which blog you want to post to, etc.).

More updates to come as I try to figure this out. I’d love to be able to easily post to my blogs from my mobile devices.’s interface is broken in Pocket IE on the Pocket PC and other browsers, and I’ve been using AvantBlog, which works, but doesn’t let me add a Title to a post. My fingers are crossed for Blogger Mobile, but it’s looking kind of bleak right now…


5 thoughts on “Google Launches Blogger Mobile

  1. Josh,

    Hi! You should be able to send an MMS message from you Treo as well. Check it out. We have several people on Treos here at Google and they are able to use Blogger Mobile with MMS, but not with Email.

    I’m going to forward this to a friend who uses a treo who might be able to help you.

  2. Josh,

    Can’t help with the Palm Treo, but for WinMobile folks looking to blog remotely to a Blogger account, they may want to try Pocket Blogger. I’ve used it to post to my site and it works well. Here’s a brief write up and pic

  3. Hi Josh,

    Aaron’s right – this won’t work with a Treo rigged up to post via Gmail. You gotta do MMS.

    Of course, you can still use Gmail to post via mail2blogger. (it supports photos-as-attachments, too).


  4. Thanks for the feedback, guys. I think I misunderstood what Mobile Blogger’s purpose was. I get it now, and won’t bash it for not doing something it wasn’t designed to do. 🙂

  5. Dearest Josh

    I have tried to do this very same thing. I have sent thru versamail with my print email, sent a text message with attachment and also clicked the little envelope thing under the photo in the album. I am at a loss. Have you ever beat the Treo blogger challenge?

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