Google Web Accellerator Continually Overwrites Auto Proxy Script Setting

I’ve been playing with the Google Web Accellerator since last night. Not sure how much it’s actually speeding things up yet (it has to work for a while to know what to cache), but I’ve run into one problem.

On my work system (Shh! Don’t tell IT! Oh, wait, I am IT…), it continually overwrites IE’s “use automatic proxy configuration script” setting to “http://localhost:9100/proxy.pac”, instead of the required setting I have to use to make IE work with the proxy at work. I changed it back several times, but it kept getting reset, and basically making IE unusable.

Firefox works OK, but I can’t find a way to just disable GWA for IE, so I might have to disable it altogether on this system.

Anyone know of a way to let it run for Firefox, but disable it for IE, or otherwise stop it from overwriting the auto proxy setting?


2 thoughts on “Google Web Accellerator Continually Overwrites Auto Proxy Script Setting

  1. Bit of a dirty solution, but how about tracking down the registry value that sets, and just changing the permissions on it so whatever account it runs as can’t change it? Probably just remove all permissions would do the job, as it could run as your account, or as SYSTEM.

  2. I noticed that it also resets the cache size to 50 on mine when it is installed and no matter how high you set it, reverts back to 50. My default settings are (50 – 1024)

    Also, it slows down after a bit of use. Seems to be more of a bother to continually monitor it’s settings and reset values that should be automatic

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