I Want a Mac

Every once in a while (OK, who am I kidding – all the time), I get the urge to play with something new. A new handheld device. A new smartphone. A new game console. I’m constantly trying out new software, etc.

Anyone who reads this blog and/or listens to TinyPodcast knows that I’ve been wanting a Tablet PC for a while, and that I’m considering pulling the trigger on a Toshiba M200. But in the last few days, I’ve been wondering more and more if what I really should get is a Mac.

What’s that, you say? A Windows geek wants a Mac? Am I going to “switch”? Let me explain.

I’ve always considered myself “platform agnostic”, meaning I don’t have a “religious” preference for or against Windows, Linux, or Mac. I use Windows in my work, and at home, I play with Linux when I get the chance. But the one platform that I’ve never really spent much time with is the Mac. I see so much cool stuff being done on the Mac in the podcasting world, and the geek world in general. A lot of the really smart /really geeky people I know use Macs. The UI and hardware is undeniably sexy and cool.

So, I’m thinking that rather than get a Tablet PC, which granted, is a new interface experience, but is still just Windows XP under the hood, I want to get a shiny little 12″ Powerbook G4. Besides the ability to play with all the cool stuff in the Mac world, I could still Remote Desktop into my XP system in my office when I need to, or when my wife wants to use the laptop (which is how she uses the Dell 700m 99% of the time now, anyway).

So, what do you think? Any good reason for me not to dip my toes into the Kool-Aid (to mix a metaphor)? Anything on the Mac that’s just so unbeatably cool as to drive me over the edge?


8 thoughts on “I Want a Mac

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ooo man, toughy ๐Ÿ™‚ but I’ll take the bait.

    First, I grew up on Windows.

    Second, I worked at Intel smacked dab in the middle of when Apple was “reinventing” itself with OS X. I hated OS 9 – yuck – but was so damn interested in OS X – partially because I was surrounded everyday by Wintel. I was getting into Unix at the time and found Linux to be way too time consuming for life.

    Third, the developers and community surrounded Apple, at the time, seemed magical. There were like two or three dudes creating amazing shit! And you wanted to pay them the small software price – the app didn’t do everything but it did what you wanted it to do very well, and in a new and creative way.

    If you have the money, I say do it! There are so many Apple-type bloggers out there; an amazing amount of information – both positive and negative. If you’re interested in programming or you have a killer idea, there are both excellent open-source, Unix tools and cool Apple technology to play with.

    I just hope Apple and Intel at least hook up for a project or too, that way they can be friends for once ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Anonymous says:

    Okay here’s my two cents: First, I grew up with Macintosh emulation on an ATARI. (I’m not kidding: it was called Spectre and one had to “organize” original Macintosh ROMs.)

    Since two years ago I was a die-hard Mac fan/freak/fanactic. Today I love Windows. Why? You have simply more choices in hardware and software.

    Second I learned one thing in my life: coolness is the summary of thousand parameters. Which computer is one little parameter. It’s the overal picture; not the detail in an OS choice.

    I’d never recommend anything else than a Macintosh to my father or some of my best friends. But in most cases Windows is simply the most intelligent and economically optimal choice!

    Hope that helps…

    – Lo

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think Mac’s are over priced, but… I love OS-X. It’s running a Mach kernel and you can do all your normal unix/linux type stuff except a lot of the configs are done in LDAP. And the windowing system is as reliable as M$, and far better than X-Windows.

  4. I want a MAC as well can Intel pony up two one for you and one for me ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hell how about a MAC and a Tablet. A MAC-Mini and an Averatec 3600 would scratch both itches for all for around $1700

    Just a thought

  5. Bill-in-Germany says:

    Josh, 3 words – Just do it!

    I’ve been a Mac user since 1984 (Windows since 1995), and a fellow geek like you – so I think I can say with some experience that you owe it to your geek-persona to get the 12″ PB to round out your platform knowledge. You will not regret it!

    Some points to push you over the edge:
    – OS X never crashes; it’s rock solid
    – you never turn off your PB, just shut lid & let sleep
    – back from sleep in 2 seconds, ready to work
    – video editing is the Mac’s domain; nirvana for your camcorder
    – 12″ form-factor is ideal; you’ll take this everywhere with you – it’s such a small package

    I recommend the Sportfolio II case. $40 of soft neoprene protection for your new aluminum baby.

    So take the plunge and join us – the water’s great!

  6. I fully support the Mac switch. I’ve been a Mac user for years now and wouldn’t trust my computing to anything else. I currently have a 12″ PowerBook for home/travel and a Dual 2.5ghz G5 at the office. The one piece of advice I can give you is to get the 15″ PowerBook rather than the 12″. While the 12″ is appealing in terms of portability it’s not built as well as the 15″ and does not have the same “to-die-for” screen, but rather the screen of the iBook series.

    That’s it for me. Good luck Josh.

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