Motion LE1600 Tablet – Yummy

Motion Computing – Tablet PC Products and Services

The wraps came off of Motion Computing’s next Tablet PC offering this week:

It’s based on the Sonoma-generation Intel Centrino platform, and is available in a less expensive Celeron version. MSRP on the Centrino version is $2199.

I’m attracted to this new tablet, but a couple of things turn me off. First, this new, flashy Tablet PC is still saddled with XGA (1024×768) screen resolution. Ugh. Second, their “View Anywhere(R) Display” is available, which I guess makes the screen more viewable outdoors, but it’s a $300 option! What the heck do they do to that little 12″ screen to make it worth a three hundred dollar upgrade? Am I missing something here?

Right now, I’m torn about which tablet I want most. The Toshiba M200 is still the front-runner, but this new Motion LE1600 looks great (the only Sonoma-based tablet I know of), and the upcoming IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad X41 is quite sexy, too…