Skype Starts Blogging, Misses Boat With Headline-only RSS Feed

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w00t. I’m subscribed.

EDIT: Come on, guys. Don’t you know that the blogosphere will laugh you out of the room if you only provide a little one-liner teaser of your posts in your RSS feed?

I’ll give them a little while to catch on and fix it, but then I’m unsubscribing. No better way to encourage full posts than to vote with your aggregator.


3 thoughts on “Skype Starts Blogging, Misses Boat With Headline-only RSS Feed

  1. I am the bloke who designed those rss feeds, and subject to approval of skype staff we can change them as requested.

    Hos that for feedback ?

  2. FYI, some people offer excerpt-only feeds because site traffic (meaning attention) is one of the only sure ways of payment for content. (If the content is free, the least people can do is click through to increment the hit counters out there.)

    Which is not to say that approach is for everyone at all. I’m just saying it’s a valid approach for some.

    Plus, there are sites out there who will repurpose full-text feeds for their own commercial purposes. Your mileage of concern over this may vary.

  3. Phil, that would be awesome if you could enable full text feeds. Not only would geeks like me appreciate it, but that kind of responsiveness to the community speaks volumes about what kind of company Skype is. 🙂

    b!x, I’m well aware of the reasons people might not want to offer full text feeds. Chris Pirillo is one of the people that I really wish would let go of the idea, but I do understand his reluctance to do so.

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