The Samsung i730 EVDO Pocket PC Phone is Tiny

Live shots of the Samsung i730 – Engadget –

I’ve mentally been writing this one off for a while, since I figured it would be quite large (like the current generation of slide-out keyboard Pocket PCs, e.g. the Siemens SX66). But the latest batch of shots to come out of Engadget show otherwise:

That’s a Motorola V710 next to it, your standard flip phone. Yikes, that Samsung suddenly got a lot more appealing.

And you can’t beat the feature set – EVDO (high speed wireless! woo hoo!), Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. This could be a seriously killer device when it comes out (supposed to happen in the next couple of months from Verizon).

If EVDO becomes available in the Portland area, this could very well by my next phone. Can’t wait for the release and real world reviews. Check out the Engadget article for some more candid photos, including a shot of the phone in someone’s hand. Unless they’re a giant, it reinforces the diminutive size of this device.


2 thoughts on “The Samsung i730 EVDO Pocket PC Phone is Tiny

  1. Anonymous says:

    If that’s your next phone, I assume you’ll be reviewing FeederReader on it, right?

    FeederReader and EVDO are a killer combo (I’ve got EDGE Cingular, and it works great at about 10kbytes per second). It even works well using T-Mobile GPRS at 5kbytes per second.

    Greg Smith
    Author, FeederReader – The Pocket PC RSS, podcatcher, videocatcher – Download on the Road

  2. Anonymous says:

    Im on my Second SCH-I730. The first one didn’t connect to WiFi at Burger King, Panera Bread, My House, or my client. I spent four hours on the line with tech support at Verizon. Additionally, the dial up will not connect to my service provider even though I can see the log in prompt via the terminal service. My Second I730 is looking just like the first, faulty. Im not sure what WiFi’s it works with but the disclaimer should say exactly which ones it works with. Im very disappointed and will most likely return it.

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