TinyPodcast Video Edition 2005-04-26

Sorry this week’s TinyPodcast Video Edition took so long to get up here. Blame a combination of a busy work week, waiting on, and phases of the moon.

At any rate, it’s here now, for your viewing pleasure. You can download the WMV file directly (10 minutes, about 37 MB), or you can subscribe to the all new TinyPodcast Video Edition RSS feed in your favorite media aggregator. Both Doppler and iPodder handle video quite well, so you should be able to get the video edition delivered automatically just like the audio podcast.

In this edition, we take a video look at Brian’s demo of some cool OneNote features, we take T-Mobile’s new street-level signal map, and the latest geek fashion accessory, an orange Lockergnome “RSS” pin on my iPod Shuffle. RSS + MP3 = podcasting. Great conversation starter!

Anyway, have a look, and as always, we love to get feedback. Let us know what you think!