Tom’s Hardware has the best Xbox 360 look so far

Tom’s Hardware has posted their observations from a hands on session they got last week with the new Xbox 360. It’s the most detailed and specific account of the new system that I’ve found so far. Much more detail than what was revealed in the MTV infomercial, and even in the OurColony video.

Juicy tidbits included a look at the “ring of light”, and what it will be used for, the “connect” button for pairing to controllers, mention of wireless Xbox Live headsets, and the ability to hook up media devices, like an MP3 player or digital camera, and access the media directly from the device. They even went so far as to plug a Sony PSP into the USB port, and play saved movies and music directly off of the PSP’s Memory Stick. Stick that in your proprietary pipe and smoke it, Sony! 😛

They also talk about the monster custom IBM CPU – three 3.2 GHz cores, each capable of running two threads, for 6 threads in all. That means it can process 6 things at ones – AI, sound, collision detection, etc. Such a beast of a CPU will obviously generate a lot of heat, so the Xbox 360 will have a vacuum-sealed water cooled heatsink. This thing is starting to sound more and more like a server-class piece of hardware, and it outclasses any of the computers I currently own. Can’t wait to see how long it takes someone to “repurpose” one of these into a beefy little home server. Oh, wait. It will act like that out of the box (much more media-friendly than the previous Xbox).

Go check out the Tom’s Hardware article. It’s quite informative.


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