Already Seeing the Impact of iTunes 4.9

In the last two days, I’ve checked my Feedburner stats for TinyPodcast, out of curiosity to see what impact, if any, the release of iTunes 4.9 would have. The results have been surprising.

According to Feedburner, I have a “circulation” of about 300 (regular, subscribed listeners). Yesterday, that jumped to 500. According to their little pie graphs, about 30 percent of those subscribers are using iTunes 4.9 (17% on Windows and 13% on Mac). I’m also getting 5000-6000 “hits” (probably non-subscribers directly downloading shows) per day, which is a similar boost.

Hope everyone else is getting new results from all the new people out there that have a podcast aggregator. A rising tide lifts all boats…


One thought on “Already Seeing the Impact of iTunes 4.9

  1. wow, thats an impressive gain. But only 30% I wonder if it isnt actually more considering the dramatic increase. Like iTunes got them there and then they subscribed in the normal manner.

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