Dale Coffing Gets His Hands on the HTC Universal

mobilePASSION: First Impressions of the HTC Universal

The HTC Universal is the mini Tablet PC-looking next gen Windows Mobile device that sports WiFi, 3G GSM (UTMS), Bluetooth, a QWERTY keyboard, two cameras (one for videoconferencing), a swivel screen, and was the first device announced to run Windows Mobile 5.0. Oh, yeah – it’s a phone and a PDA, too.

Anyway, one of my geek idols, Dale Coffing, got his hands on one, and gives us a signature “first look” at this device, commenting on the size, keyboard, screen, and all sorts of other details. You know, the stuff that makes your geeky parts feel all tingly. 🙂

Head over and check out his preview. I’m very much looking forward to this device, but given T-Mobile USA’s sad history of pretty much ignoring all the cool Smartphone and Pocket PC devices that T-Mobile Germany gets, I don’t have my hopes up that this will ever see the light of day on these shores. I’d love to be proven wrong, though.