Download Cory Doctorow’s Newest Book for Free

Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town

And it’s 100% legit. Cory Doctorow writes some great science fiction. I really enjoyed his previous books (Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, and Eastern Standard Tribe), which are also available for free download on his site.

Why does he give electronic versions of his books away for free?

The whole point of giving away electronic books is to experiment with electronic text and spot where the new opportunities for earning a writer’s living lie — working with my audience, not against them. So with every release, I’ve tried some experimentation. This book is no exception.

Yet he still makes money selling the books. Lots, according to him. See? You don’t need Draconian DRM to be successful in the internetworked world. I hope other media companies take notice of Cory’s success and methods.

Anyway, I’ve downloaded the book in eReader PDB format, and I’ll put it on my Pocket PC to read. Can’t wait!