Gnomedex Bound

I’ve been up in Seattle since yesterday, doing some work for my brother’s moving and storage company, and waiting for Gnomedex 5.0 to kick off. Only a few more hours until the opening reception tonight!

Lots of cool announcements in the RSS/podcasting world are expected. Microsoft has a big RSS annoucement planned, and there are rumors that BillG himself might make an appearance. I’ll be sure to snag some video if that happens. 🙂

Dave Winer leads off with his keynote tomorrow morning, and Adam Curry wraps up Saturday evening with his keynote. In between, Gnomedex is going to be THE place for a geek to be. I can’t wait to catch up with friends and acquaintances, and start building new relationships. If you’re going to be there, give me a call on my cell (503-810-5365) or email me if you’d like to get together.

I’ll be blogging the interesting stuff, including lots of photos, some audio/interviews and video. Keep an eye on this blog for updates, and let me know if you have any special requests.

Let the geeking begin!