Gnomedex: Front Row Day Two

Down here in the front row again for Day 2 – first row, right hand side. Party at the Seattle Public Library last night was awesome – Microsoft throws a great bash, and the Red Room was very cool, once you could find it. I spent a large part of the evening hanging out with Phillip Torrone and his toys – an OQO, Sony Librie ebook, his old-school cell phone, etc. Lots of people were coming up and asking questions about the devices while pt had wandered away, so I stepped up and started answering questions, since I knew about most of them. I felt like “mini pt” or “pt’s Apprentice”. It was awesome! 🙂

I’ve put up a ton of photos on Flickr, so check them out. I’ll be working on labeling and adding descriptions so you know what’s going on.

And of course I’ll blog any big news that comes out of the presentations today. We’re about to get started!