Gnomedex: How Longhorn Does RSS

Just some quick notes from Dean’s ongoing RSS presentation.

First public demo of IE7! Woo hoo! It has RSS feed auto-detection, like Firefox. There’s an RSS button up on the toolbar, right next to Home, Back, Favorites, etc. It lights up when an RSS feed is detected. Clicking it renders a preview of the feed in IE7. Word-wheel searching in the rendered feed. Clicking the plus icon subscribes to the feed in the Longhorn system feed store.

The central feed list is not part of IE, but of the user store in Longhorn. Other system apps can access the central feed list. Demoed using RSS Bandit to sync with the system feed store.

Pretty advanced support for enclosures. Can subsribe to event calendars, like the Gnomedex schedule, if they are provided as .ICS iCalendar files in enclosures. Demoed Outlook 2003 showing that imported calendar feed as a side-by-side calendar. Demoed an app to subscribe to a photoblog feed, where the enclosed photos are shown on the screen, and the caption/description comes from the post text. Nifty.

Showed a list viewer application, demoing with wishlists. Has the ability to filter and sort by whatever metadata the feed defines (in this case, filter on DVDs, or sort by price).

Microsoft is developing extenstions to RSS 2.0, and are making the specifications available under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License! Showed a video of Larry Lessig welcoming Microsoft to the Creative Commons world, and commenting on the significance of it. Specs for Windows RSS will be made availble at noon today on the IE blog

Cool Longhorn RSS jackets for us, too. Sweet! I’m posting this right as they’re ending, so this is news hot off the presses!