Natural Human Voice and Honesty

When I first started this site, I had visions of turning it into one of the “big” gadget sites, like Pocket PC Thoughts, Engadget, etc. That desire colored the tone of what I wrote – I wanted it to be professional, exciting, alluring, etc. Basically, I was trying to put a marketing spin on everything I wrote, rather that just use my voice.

Since then, I’ve “refocused” the site onto my voice, experiences, and thoughts. I’ve hopped aboard the Cluetrain, and decided to make my human voice the showcase of the site. Except I still catch myself writing with that “spin”, to try to make what I write sound somehow “better”. Imagine, if you will, the difference between your own normal voice, and your voice doing an impersonation of a slickster used car salesman. That’s what it feels like to me when I catch myself writing like that.

It’s entirely likely that no one has even noticed this phenomenon on this site, since who really knows what my natural voice sounds like better than me? But I wanted to write about it, and ask anyone that reads to call me out if you ever catch me writing something that sounds like it came from a press release or an advertisement. In return, I promise that I’ll always write as myself, give my opinion unfiltered, and be 100% honest with you. Deal?


One thought on “Natural Human Voice and Honesty

  1. I may be biased here, but I rarely see any marketing-speak b.s. in your writing, and you are one of the most real and genuine people I know! So keep up with the great writing and I remember I support you 100%.


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