R2D2 Sounds for Ringtones

A couple of people have asked where I got the R2D2 sounds I’m using for sounds on my Audiovox SMT5600. I just Googled for R2D2 sounds, and found some random movie sounds site that had them. I can’t remember exactly which one, now.

Anyway, they’re pretty small .WAV files, so I zipped them up, and you can download them here.

They’ll work as ringtones and system sounds for any Windows Mobile device, and any other device that can use .WAV files for ringtones (when I had the Treo, I couldn’t find a way to do this without third party software).



12 thoughts on “R2D2 Sounds for Ringtones

  1. Patrick says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the tones.. they sound good. I have googled r2-d2 also and have had crap-luck finding one similar to my friends which is about a 12 second soundbyte. Now all i need to do is figure out how to combine those sounds, and cram them in my phone… Thanks again!!

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  3. Thanks for the tones… For those who are interested, I combined them in Audacity which can be downloaded here for free…

    All together they make about a 6 second clip – so duplicate them 5 times and trim off the end a but to get a 30 second tone to impress your friends with. The tone is just the right pitch to get my attention, especially when in a noisy environment, and lets face it, R2D2 sounds really cool.

    Thanks again 🙂

  4. Gammelin says:

    Thanks a bunch. Much appreciated.
    Now my iPhone sounds cooler…
    If someone’s interested in how I got these into iPhone:
    I opened .wav files in Quicktime -> exported them as iPhone movie (.m4v) -> changed the extension to .m4r -> opened ’em in iTunes -> dragged the files into Ringtones folder -> synced the iPhone. Works well.

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