Sony DSC-M1 Digital Still/Video Camera

Kevin got a new toy, and brought it by my office this morning to share – a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-M1 digital still/video camera. We talked about it during today’s TinyPodcast.

Kevin is quite pleased with it. It takes 5 megapixel stills and up to 640×480 video at 30 fps with stereo sound (same specs as the Canon S2 IS that I’ve got my eye on, and Chris Pirillo is in love with). Price is $499, also identical to the Canon S2 IS.

Video is recorded in MPEG4 at about 2.5MBps. Kevin gets about 44 minutes of video on a 1GB Memory Stick Duo Pro. It’s also got a cool mode where it’s contstantly storing the last 5 seconds of video, and when you snap a picture, it saves the preceding 5 seconds and following 3 seconds of video, effectively bracketing the shot with video. Pretty cool idea.

Kevin took some shots of me (still and video) while we were talking about it, and I’ll post those up when I get them from him. You can see the other snapshots I took of the camera under the DSCM1 tag in my Flickr photostream. I’ve also added them to the TinyScreenfuls Flickr Group.


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